Rewards Program

Learn about Lore's reward program
Lore's Rewards Program offers co-ownership for free and unlocks rewards, including 5 Gas Credits and priority onboarding support!

Co-Ownership for Collectives

Lore is the co-ownership platform for web3 collectives to spin up a shared vault, pool resources and own NFTs together. This co-ownership model encourages engagement within your community, enabling members to collect and curate NFTs that represent their interests and values. You can create a community vault for collecting relics or allow sub-communities to form their own collections.

Reward Pass Perks

  • The Rewards NFT gives you 5 Gas Credits on Lore which can be used to cover transaction fees. This lets you try out community vaults and collective vaults without paying for gas.
  • Access to a token gated channel on our Discord for quicker and better customer support.
  • Unlocks limited edition swag we give away at conferences. See you at NFT NYC!
  • We would love to teach your community about co-ownership, our product, and best practices through an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and a demonstration.

Season II Partners

Collaborate with us to include your community in the Season III Pass by giving us any new addresses to add to your Season II allow list. It's easy!
We can provide you with sample copy to post on your Discord!