Making decisions and on-chain transactions as a group
All Squad decisions from Fundraising, NFT Transactions, Arbitrary Transaction, Role Management, Distributions & Exits are all done through Proposals. A proposal is an on-chain action that any Squad member can suggest, which the Signing Members then have to approve before execution.

How do I add a proposal?

To propose an NFT for your Squad to purchase, simply go to your Squad’s homepage and click on “Add Proposal.” In this section, you can find all possible proposals that are currently live on Squads.

How do I delete a proposal?

In order to delete a NFT proposal, simply open the proposal page of the active proposal for the NFT and click on the three dots next to “Share Proposal”. Hit delete, sign a one-time key, and your proposal will successfully be deleted.

If I have multiple proposals in the queue, how will they be executed?

Proposals are executed in increasing nonce order, so in order to execute a later proposal, you would need to clear the existing ones first. This is why you may need to click "Focus on proposal" to bring a proposal to the top of the queue.

All Proposal

Funding Round Proposals

Raise funds from new & existing Members with equity managed automatically.
  • Open Funding Round
    • Description: Open a funding round to pool funds from new & existing Members. Raise funds in ETH, USDC, APE, or contribute NFTs (value together). Manage who can contribute and how much.
    • Equity Changing: Yes
  • Close Funding Round
    • Description: Close a funding round to accept funds and issue equity. New contributors automatically become Non-Signing Members, and everyone’s equity stake will be adjusted to reflect the new Vault Valuation.
    • Equity Changing: Yes
  • Update NFT Valuation
    • Description: Value your NFTs together to determine the value of your Vault. Everyone’s percentage ownership stays the same, but the value of the stake changes as you agree on a new valuation for your Vault.
    • Equity Changing: No

NFT Proposals

Make NFT Transactions over the most popular marketplaces on Ethereum together
  • Buy NFT
    • Description: Buy an NFT listed for immediate purchase on OpenSea, X2Y2, Gem, and LooksRare.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • List NFT for Sale
    • Description: List an NFT for Sale on OpenSea. You will receive wETH in return.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Bid on NFT
    • Description: Bid on an NFT listed for auction on OpenSea. Acquire wETH for bids using the ETH to wETH Proposal.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Sell NFT to Squad
    • Description: Members can sell an NFT privately to the Squad for ETH. Useful when a Member acquired an NFT for the Squad through a mint, airdrop, or marketplace.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Cancel Order
    • Description: Cancel an NFT Bid you made to remove the offer from OpenSea or Cancel the NFT Listing you made to remove from the OpenSea marketplace
    • Equity Changing: No
  • ERC-1155 Support
    • Description: For legacy users to turn on 1155 transaction support on their Gnosis Safe vaults. Does not apply to you if you launched your Vault after XYZ
    • Equity Changing: No

Role Management

Modify how the multi-signature vault is operated by determining who a Signer is and how many Singers are required to push transactions on-chain.
  • Modify Roles
    • Description: Change the Members' roles within the group between Signing and Non-Signing Members so you can control who has administrative privileges of the Vault.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Modify Signer Count
    • Description: Change the Signer Count of the multi-signature wallet so that more or fewer Signers are required to complete Proposals. More Signers increase security. Fewer Signers increase speed.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Add Members outside Funding Round
    • Description: Add Signing and Non-Signing Members to the Vault outside of a Funding Round. If new Members want equity in the Vault, they should contribute through a Funding Round.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Remove Member from Member List
    • Description: Remove Members from the Member List. If Members want to Exit the Vault to receive liquidity for their equity, use the Exit Proposal.
    • Equity Changing: No

Dapp Proposals

Initiate any web3 transaction as a Proposal so you can explore web3 together
  • Connect to Dapp
  • Description: Connect to Dapps using Walletconnect to initiate any transaction and complete it as a Proposal. Simulate transactions to understand what’s leaving and entering your wallet.
  • Equity Changing: No


Special dashboards to make it easier to access special community events
  • Yuga Staking Dashboard
    • Description: Stake ApeCoin with your Apes or Mutants to maximize rewards.
    • Equity Changing: No

Token Proposals

Propose swaps between ETH and wETH
  • Swap ETH to wETH
    • New Name: Swap ETH to wETH
    • Description: Swap ETH to wETH directly through the wETH smart contract
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Swap wETH to ETH
    • Description: Swap wETH to ETH directly through the wETH smart contract
    • Equity Changing: No

Exits & Distributions

Payout liquidity to members to handle exits or distributions
  • Pay or Exit Member(s)
    • Description: Exit a Member fully or partially from the Vault by having them get paid out in in ETH or liquid tokens for their ownership stake. Make transactions in advance to secure enough liquidity for the exit.
    • Equity Changing: Yes
  • Distributions
    • Description: Distribute ETH or other liquid tokens as a one-time dividend payment based on the equity ownership percentage of the Member
    • Equity Changing: No


Transfer ETH, ERC20s or NFTs to Members to handle payments, withdrawals or refunds.
  • Transfer Tokens to Member(s)
    • Description: Transfer ETH or other tokens to one of several Members. This is a payment and does not affect anyone’s equity stake. If you want to payout ETH to a Member for equity, try the Exit Proposal.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Transfer NFT
    • Description: Withdraw an NFT and transfer to another wallet. Does not change equity. If you want to payout ETH to a Member for equity, go to the Exit Proposal.
    • Equity Changing: No
  • Refund Contribution
    • Description: Refund a contribution made through a Funding Round or as a direct deposit to the sender.
    • Equity Changing: No