Memeland Crewz

Within the Memeland Ecosystem, if you formed a SuperCrewz (107 ETH) which consisted of Captainz, MVPs and Potatoz you would be able to earn valuables and rewards.

Since forming a crew was out of reach for many people, they pooled their assets together on Lore.

MVPrysm is a Memeland subcommunity founded by 3 day 1 OG’s in Memeland (Rocket, Raymond and Boris). They formed SuperCrewz on Lore which required 9 Captainz, 1 MVP and 27 Potatoz questing together.

Grouping up together to quest provides benefits every week, such as:

  1. MVP Quest Boost - Guaranteed Extraordinary & above rarity MAPS.

  2. Weekly Potion Raffle - Chance to win an extra Potion with each raffle.

  3. $MEME Fire Sale AllowList - Bonus AL (guaranteed) slot for $MEME coin pre-sale.

  4. $MEME Staking Boost - Earn more $MEME

MVPrysm was able to securely group up their Memeland NFTs, assign equity ownership and handle admin signatures all on Lore. Anyone is able to join or withdraw at any time.

MVPrysm grew tremendously in just 1 year to 7 Supercrews, 30+ members and 1200+ Eth in assets.

Today, MVPrysm is the biggest subcommunity in Memeland that has it’s own brand, hosts Twitter Spaces, does giveaways and has become a group of friends that meetup IRL to hang.

Quote from MVPrysm squad:

These group members have become good friends and hangout IRL, while creating wealth together! Having fun together has kept them involved in the Memeland ecosystem during the bear market.

Read about how to Quest on Memeland from Lore's platform here:

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