🔄Co-Ownership Framework

Lore's Co-Ownership Framework is an equity tracking system over shared wallet(s) that allows groups to start small and grow both assets and members over time.

The Co-Ownership Framework:

Here's how a group can grow while Lore handles all of the work in the background.

  1. Set a Goal: Lore Groups often start when they spot an onchain opportunity where pooling funds is advantageous. This could be an expensive NFT, a limited private sale or an exclusive airdrop.

  2. Pool Resources & Issue Equity: Pooling both funds and expertise allows group members to achieve far more than they could alone. Our Group Deposits feature helps groups pool together ETH, ERC20s and even NFTs and issue ownership stakes out to members.

  3. Achieve Your Goal: Groups can then coordinate to make onchain Proposals. Many proposals can be initiated in the Lore app while others can be initiated by connecting your Lore to other DApps.

  4. Attract New Members: Your group's portfolio and is tracked on Lore and so is the value of member's ownership stakes. By sharing your wins groups can continuously attract new members and resources. As your Group grows you can start new Group Deposits. You can also offboard member's through Exits and distribute capital through Distributions.

See it in action Discover real groups using Lore in the Use Cases Section

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