🤝Safe Token Claim

Didn't qualify? Don't worry! Safe governance is considering another claim period, and Lore will be pushing for it. Stay tuned for updates!

How To Claim Your Safe Tokens On Lore

This guide is for those who transacted on Safe before December 27th, 2022.

There was an earlier claim period for the first half of your Safe tokens. Unfortunately, if you missed that window, you can't claim those tokens now.

The good news: The remaining half of your tokens are vesting until September 27th, 2026. Here's how to claim them (if you qualify):

  1. Check the Create Proposals: You can find "Create Proposals" in either the Feed or the Manage section of Lore.

  2. Look for Claim Option: See if there's an option to claim your Safe tokens.

Important Note: Claiming and locking your Safe tokens allows you to participate in their rewards program called Safe {Pass}.

Video Tutorial

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