Proof Moonbirds

Our relationship with Proof started off when Proof Passes were over 100 ETH and the Moonbirds mint about to go live at 2.5 ETH.

  • Very quickly Moonbirds rose to 40 ETH and they became out of touch for many.

  • We powered several DAOs like Proof Of Conviction and Floorbirds which formed to allow members access to Proof Passes and Moonbirds by pooling their funds using Lore.

  • Very quickly Moonbirds began to form into β€œsub-parliaments” based on traits.

  • There was an opportunity to use Lore for members to put their idle capital to work to collect more Moonbirds based on traits which would push up the trait floor price and allow holders to create stories around the IP they own.

  • Our favorite one is Deadbirds which was formed around the skeleton trait Moonbirds as a way to bring awareness to biodiversity loss IRL. See their mission here.

  • By acquiring the skelly Moonbirds they were able to grow their brand and attract new members. They also launched their own deriviative collections which brough more awareness to Moonbirds. They now have over 90 members and 150 ETH of assets!

  • As Moonbirds became more accessible, many members wanted to gain access to the Moonbirds Discord. And this was before was adopted! We worked together with Vulcan and the Proof team to design an auth flow where co-owned Members can verify and get a role on the Discord. Learn more in this article.

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