💡Getting Started

Master Your Vault: Best Practices for Group Success

Building a thriving Lore Group isn't about one-size-fits-all rules. We offer flexibility, so you can customize your approach to achieve your shared goals.

Before you dive in:

  • Craft a mission: What unites you? Is it supporting an ecosystem, collecting expensive NFTs, acquiring an airdrop, or financial goals? Articulate this to attract like-minded members.

  • Set financial goals (optional): Define investment targets, timeframes, and exit strategies. Agree on profit-sharing and asset sale thresholds upfront.

Start strong, build momentum:

  • Open A Group Deposit: Get everyone involved and raise excitement around funding your first onchain investment or Proposal.

  • Target A Specific Proposal: Whether its an NFT or token purchase or any other kind of onchain Proposal, get specific to get more people excited.

  • Assign Vault roles: Establish who the Admins are for approving Proposals are upfront or agree to figure it out later!

Make decisions together, efficiently:

  • Set a Signer Count: Determine how many members need to approve Proposals (2-5 is ideal). Don't slow things down with excessively high thresholds. Keep your Admins small for security.

  • Utilize your Group chat: Whether its Discord, Telegram, or Twitter. Pick one group chat platform to concentrate your communication and vibes all in one place.

Successful Groups rely on shared goals, clear communication, and efficient decision-making. Use these best practices as a springboard to build a thriving Lore Group that achieves its full potential!

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