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Feeling overwhelmed by managing your co-owned NFTs? Delegate.cash is here to help!

Explore Powerful Features and Gain Peace of Mind

Delegate.cash isn't just about secure delegation and community access. We offer advanced features that empower you to take full control of your NFT experience.

Introducing The Inbox, your personal guardian against digital clutter and potential security threats:

Think of it as a smart filter: it automatically flags unfamiliar activities in your Vault, keeping you informed and in control. This includes:

  • Strange deposits: Unsure what something is? The Inbox flags it for review.

  • Spam NFTs: Don't want unwanted digital trinkets cluttering your collection? The Inbox helps you identify and remove them.

  • Mysterious airdrops: Free stuff is great, but legitimacy is key. The Inbox lets you assess the source before claiming.

  • Suspicious transactions: Ever receive money from unknown senders? The Inbox keeps you vigilant.

Ready to beome a Loremaster? Let's dive in!

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