🧑‍🤝‍🧑Roles & Decision Making

Your group on Lore has a Vault, which is like a safe deposit box, but cooler! It's a multi-signature wallet your assigned Admins control.


  • Admins: The guardians of the Vault. They add/remove members, approve Equity Events and approve Proposals.

  • Members: Contributors who deposit funds and can propose ideas and vote on them (think: vault co-owners)


  • Signer Count: The number of Admins needed to approve Proposals.

    • Lower count: Faster decisions, less secure. (think: 2-3 for small groups)

    • Higher count: More secure, slower decisions. (think: 3-5 for larger groups)

Edge Cases to Avoid 3/3 for potential lock-up, single signatures for security risks, and more than 5 for slow Proposals.

Decision Making:

  • It's up to you! Casual discussions, formal votes, polls – choose your style.


  • Admins = security, Members = participation.

  • Balance speed and security with your Signer Count.

  • Choose your decision making style that works best for your group.

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