📥What Is A Group Deposit?

Learn about Group Deposits!

Grow Your Vault Together: Group Deposits Explained

Ready to boost your Group's funds & ownership? Dive into Group Deposits!

What it is: Imagine a potluck dinner, but for contributions to your Vault. Anyone (existing or new members) can add funds during a Group Deposit, receiving ownership based on their contribution and the current Vault value.

Why it matters: Fairness! Group Deposits ensure everyone's ownership reflects their contributions, even when the Vault's value changes (think: your NFT blows up in price).

Depositing directly? It works, but equity is not tracked and ownership gets messy. Group Deposits = tracking your pizza dough contributions = bigger slice of ownership! New members join? More dough, bigger pizza, everyone wins!

Here's how it works:

  1. Open a Group Deposit: Admins can initiate the party!

  2. Deposit & Earn Ownership: Contribute funds and automatically get assigned a proportional share of the Vault when the round closes.

  3. Close the Round: Admins can lock it in, updating everyone's ownership based on contributions.

NFT Deposits: Power Up Your Vault with Collectibles

Are you looking to add some extra firepower to your Vault? Lore's Group Deposits allow you to deposit your NFTs alongside traditional funds! Your rare Pepe or Azuki can contribute to your group's ownership stake.

Before Depositing Your NFTs:

  • Agreed Valuation is Key: You and your group will decide on its fair market value. This ensures a proportional ownership stake based on its worth.

  • Seamless Tracking: Unlike direct deposits, Group Deposits track your NFT contributions. This keeps things clear and ensures you get the ownership credit you deserve.


  • Group Deposits track ownership seamlessly.

  • Only Admins manage Rounds for fairness and control.

  • Join in, boost the Vault, and see your ownership grow!

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