➡️Creating A Lore Group

Start accomplishing onchain financial goals together! With just a few quick and easy steps, your Group can create a Vault and join the exciting world of Co-Ownership!

When you create a Lore Group you are creating a Safe on Ethereum or Base. We refer to Safe's as Lore Vaults. Our platform builds on Safe's secure multi-sig wallet and permissioning features. We provide a trusted interface for Co-Owning assets with friends while managing everyone's ownership stakes.

How To Create and Activate A Group

Note: After creating your Group and your Vault, you can add members to it in two ways: by contributing through a Group Deposit or by proposing adding new members through the Add Members feature.

Activate your Group to start raising funds and using them to complete quests! Once activated, you can find your wallet address on your Dashboard, where contributions made through Group Deposits will be sent.

How To Verify Wallet Address: Copy and paste it into Etherscan, or add it to the Safe app.

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