🏁About Lore

A Multichain Wallet for Groups to Win Together

Lore is a Group Wallet experience for co-owning NFTs and memecoins across Ethereum, Solana, Base, Bitcoin, Blast and many other chains.

Benefits of Using Lore:

  • Groups can pool together resources in shared wallets to access expensive assets and exclusive rewards, across a collection of chains.

  • Group Wallets allow friends to share opportunities and learn about crypto and investing together. With Lore, your group never misses out on what’s hot in crypto.

  • These wallets can be secured by the entire group or delegated to members to make transactions on behalf of the Group.

  • Crypto gains are more fun when experienced with friends, with Lore you can begin onboarding your friends to crypto by sharing opportunities with them.

What can I do with my Lore Group wallet?

  • Group Wallet Platform: Pool resources, collect NFTs, and explore web3 together in a shared wallet across chains. Connect to web3 apps and launch Trader Wallets cross-chain to access any crypto opportunity.

  • Full Co-Ownership Lifecycle: From fundraising and adding members to managing equity, proposals, and exits, we've got you covered.

  • Seamless NFT Proposals: Buy and sell NFTs across any marketplace directly from your Lore interface.

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