824 fund

824 fund is an investment club that invests in NFTs and Metaverse as a squad.

  • 824 started with the initial contribution of 2.28 ETH and 3 members in July 2022 led by Borklar aka 0xdosa.

  • After buying Potatoz early and doubling their money they decided to expand their mission and take on new members.

  • They weren’t discouraged by the bear market and instead saw an opportunity to repeat the success of Potatoz across other high-growth & blue-chip NFTs and invest in India based art.

  • By June 2023, they expanded to 17 Members, raising an additiolnal 27 ETH. They used Lore’s Funding Rounds to raise the 27 ETH over 4 Funding Rounds.

  • Lore tracked everyone’s equity stake automatically. Below is a screenshot of one of 824’s Funding Rounds:

  • 824 had now expanded to not only Memeland but Madlands, Moonbirds, Creepz and many more.

  • Members can join for as little as 0.69ETH and so they did. They also began offering members additional perks which were just some of the physical rewards the whole collective was receiving.

  • Now 824 has grown from 23 ETH to over 100 ETH in months, during the bear market.

  • They now have over 35+ members who are exceptional collectors, founders and operators.

  • The Group Leader, 0xdosa, has quit his day job to run 824 full time.

  • Members get access to the fund upside, learnings, and curated experiences (Member dinners, Golf memberships, etc)

  • Here's a quote from the group leader:

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