Memeland: Questing With Lore

Memeland Crewz on Lore have become a popular way for friends to come together and boost the Memeland ecosystem while maximizing staking rewards.

Use Lore to Form a Crew: Step-by-Step Guide

1 - Deposit your Potatoz, Captainz, MVPs into a Lore Collective to earn an ownership stake:

  • With Lore, you can deposit ETH, ERC20s (like $MEME) or NFTs to earn equity in the collective.
  • If you already hold a MVP, Potatoz or Captainz, during an open funding round, click NFT deposits, deposit your NFT, and value it.
  • We provide a way to value NFT together as a group using FP, trait rarity and NFTbank.
  • Afterward, your group members will need to approve the valuation. Share the link with them.
  • Once approved by your group, you'll receive the corresponding equity ownership stake. You can then print the ownership stake on-chain as a soulbound Membership Card.

2 - Buy any missing NFTs in a crew on Lore:

  • If you’re missing assets to form a full crew or super crew, navigate to the Proposals Tab and click Buy NFT or Bid on an NFT.
  • Then find the asset you are looking to buy together and paste the link.
  • We’ll find the best price across marketplaces and execute the trade or bid.

3 - Stake on the Memeland Dashboard using Walletconnect:

  • Once you have all your MVPs, Potatoz and Captainz acquired with your collective, you can then click Connect to Dapp button.
  • Grab the QR code from WalletConnect from the Memeland Dashboard website and paste it into the text box for the WalletConnect link.
  • This will now display your collective on the Memeland dashboard website where you can begin questing together.
For more details on connecting to an external dapp, checkout the resource center here or follow the video below.

4 - Claim Rewards

  • The Memeland ecosystem introduced a reward system called "Valuables".
  • Here's a quick guide on how to claim your valuables:
  1. 1.
    Go to the Memeland Dashboard and connect your wallet.
  2. 2.
    Select your questing NFT (must be questing for 7 days).
  3. 3.
    Click “Claim your rewards”.

5 - Access your roles on Memeland Discord

  • To earn your role on Memeland’s Discord, start verification with Vulcan and add a delegated wallet.
  • Create a hot wallet address and head over to to delegate.
  • Then navigate to Lore and click connect to dapp and paste the walletconnect link from
Follow the videos below and click here for more info.
Follow the video below to learn how to earn a Discord role!
Learn the Memeland workaround here!

6 - Sales and distributions using Lore:

  • If you want to distribute rewards to all members fairly, or return a member’s funds if they want to leave the group, we’ve got you covered.
  • You can easily Sell NFTs using the List NFT Proposal to create liquidity.
  • For an even distribution based on your ownership stake you can use the Distributions Proposal
  • To help a member leave a group, you can create liquidity and use the Exits Proposal.
  • Navigate to the proposals tab and select distributions or pay out. Read more here.

Find Crew Members and get Started Today

  • Join the Memeland Discord and checkout the #mvp-lore or #crew-lounge channels. This is the best place to find other people holding Memeland NFTs are looking to crew up.
  • Join the Lore Discord! There are many people hanging out looking to crew up!