Gas Credits

Learn How To Earn Qualify For Gasless Transactions

What Are Gas Credits

Gas credits are used for gas-less transactions on Lore. These credits are earned by users through various network activities and cannot be transferred to other users.
Lore will be announcing new initiatives for Collectives that use the product regularly to earn gas credits.

How To Earn Gas Credits

Earn gas credits with Lore!
  • Partnership Rewards Program, more info here.
  • New partners joining the Season III cohort automatically receive 3 gas credits.
  • Tweet Referral from Partner: Get 1 free credit (max 1) if a user from a partnered community tweets they have minted the pass. Example: “@seabirds community, did you know some seabirds are pooling together on @loredotxyz check out the gallery here. Get your mint NFT here.”
  • Tweet Referral from Community Member: Entire squad earns gas credits if a community member tweets about Lore. Example: “Hey I just minted an NFT on Lore; you can mint it here too.”
  • Partner to Partner Referral: Earn 3 gas credits when referring another partner
  • Bundle Gas Credits: Users from different Partner Passes can bundle their credits together
  • Collective to Collective Referral: Refer another squad, and both earn 1 gas credit.