Ape Staking

Discover how to stake on Yuga with Lore.
Yuga Labs will now allow people who hold ApeCoin, BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC to stake these assets in their ecosystem and receive rewards! Users can maximize their rewards by pooling their assets into shared positions from a vault.
More info on staking mechanics and pools here.
This section simplifies how to combine assets with your collective to earn rewards:

Depositing BAYC, MAYC, and ApeCoin In A Funding Round

Funding rounds raise funds and distribute ownership fairly based on contributions over time. You can deposit $APE and NFTs (e.g. BAYC, MAYC). Transactions in ETH determine everyone's % ownership. Deposits in APE have converted to ETH automatically. NFTs need an agreed ETH value before depositing.

How To Stake Your Assets On The Yuga With Lore

How To Claim Rewards

Staking positions earn rewards that you can claim, propose, and execute to add to the pool's balance. You can choose to reinvest these rewards for compound interest or issue payouts to members through a proposal.

How To Un-Stake Assets From The Yuga Staking Pools

You can withdraw your APE coin and NFTs from the staking pools anytime. Select your position and make a Withdraw NFT proposal. For APE coin, claim outstanding rewards after the proposal. For NFTs, rewards will be claimed automatically.