Member Roles

Learn more about the various types of roles within your Squad.
Every Squad has two main member roles: Signing Members and Non-signing Members. The main difference is that Signing Members can create and vote on proposals, while Non-signing Members can not.

Members Roles

Signing members

Signing Members are administrators that safeguard the Vault. These members can add/remove members, sign Proposals, and have the ability to operate the funds in the Vault.

Non-Signing members

Squad members who do not have administrative privileges to operate the Vault but have contributed to the Vault through a Funding Round, own equity, participate in decision-making, and can launch Proposals

Addresses that are Non-Members

Non-Member contributors: These users are not considered Squad members since they do not hold equity in the Squad. Addresses displayed in this section have either come from airdrops, spam drops, or false deposits from individuals that are trying to be members of a particular Squad.
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