Signers, Governance & Roles

Set up how you run your Vault as a squad.

The Basics

Lore is built on top of Gnosis Safe - a multi-signature wallet
Your Vault is a multi-signature wallet set up in the Activate Vault flow with a Signer Count and Signature Threshold.
  • Signing Members: Signing Members are administrators that safeguard the Vault. These members can add/remove members, sign Proposals, and have the ability to operate the funds in the Vault. This should be a group of 3-10 members so that you can move fast on transactions. Learn more about Member Roles.
  • Non-Signing Members: Squad members who do not have administrative privileges to operate the Vault but have contributed to the Vault through a Funding Round, own equity, participate in decision-making, and can launch Proposals. Learn more about Member Roles.
  • Signer Count: the Signer Count is the total number of Signing Members on a Vault.
  • Signer Threshold: The Signer Threshold is the number of Signing Members that need to sign off before a transaction is pushed on-chain
  • As a squad, you may set up your Vault with a Signer Count of 5 and a Signer Threshold of 2. This means that 2 Signers are required to push through transactions while 5 Signing Members have the privilege of Signing transactions.

Typical Signer Count & Signer Threshold setup

  • Groups of 5 to 20: have Signer Counts of 3 - 5 and Signer Thresholds of 2 - 3
  • Groups of 20 to 50: have Signer Counts of 5 - 9 and Signer Thresholds of 3 - 5
  • Groups of 50 to 100: have Signer Counts of 9 - 12 and Signer Thresholds of 5 - 8
A lower signer threshold maximizes the speed of decision-making, while a higher signer threshold maximizes security. Learn more about choosing the right Signer Threshold.
With the Modify Roles Proposal, you can promote or demote Members between Signing Members and Non-Signing Members.


While the Signer Count & Signer Threshold is the way the Vault is protected and operates the way your group makes decisions is up to you. Because most groups are casual and have existing social ties we rarely see any formal on-chain governance process.
  • Groups often run a very casual process where members discuss decisions as they arise.
  • Groups often run on a 1-person 1-vote model, and we see the use of Emoji Polls on Discord
  • For groups that want to do weighted decision-making based on your Vault Equity(%) you can use our Discord Bot to launch a Weighted Poll. We are adding delegation features to Weighted Polls soon.