Members Roles

Learn more about the various types of roles within your Squad.
Squads have 2 roles: Signing Members can create and vote on proposals, while Non-signing Members can't.

Member Roles

Member Roles Display

Signing Members

Signing Members are like security guards for the Vault. They can add or remove members, sign proposals, and control the funds.

Non-Signing Members

Non-Signing Members may not have full access to the Vault, but they still play an important role! They've contributed through funding rounds, own a share of the Collective, can participate in decision-making, and even create proposals.

Non-Member Contributors

Non-Member contributors may not be part of the Collective, but they're still worth knowing about. They didn't invest in the Collective; some may have joined through airdrops or spam drops. Watch out for false deposits from people trying to sneak in!
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