Roles & Governance

Learn how to setup your Vault!

Intro To Member Roles and Governance

Welcome to your Vault! This is where you and your squad store and manage your funds. But don't worry, we'll make it easy for you to understand.
Your Vault is a multi-signature wallet that you can customize according to your needs. It has two types of members: Signing Members and Non-Signing Members. Signing Members are responsible for safeguarding the Vault, and they can add or remove members, sign proposals, and operate the funds. Non-Signing Members, on the other hand, have contributed to the Vault and can participate in decision-making and launch proposals.
To protect your Vault, you need to set up a Signer Count and Signer Threshold. The Signer Count is the total number of Signing Members, while the Signer Threshold is the minimum number of Signing Members that need to sign off before a transaction is pushed on-chain. We recommend having 3-5 Signing Members, depending on the size of your group.

Signer Threshold Best Practices

We suggest having a lower Signer Threshold if you want to make quick decisions, but a higher Signer Threshold if you want to maximize security. You can also modify roles with a proposal to promote or demote members between Signing Members and Non-Signing Members.


When it comes to decision-making, the process is entirely up to you. You can have a casual discussion or run a formal on-chain governance process. Many groups use a 1-person 1-vote model or Emoji Polls on Discord. For groups that want to do weighted decision-making based on Vault Equity(%), you can use our Discord Bot to launch a Weighted Poll (coming soon).
We hope this helps you understand your Vault better. Have fun managing your funds with your squad!

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