Modify your Member List

Learn how to add and remove Squad members outside of Funding Rounds

Member List

You should add Members to the Vault during the Activate Vault flow or automatically as they contribute to a Funding Round. Members will then be placed on the Member List, which can be viewed by clicking "Members" on the navigation bar.
Squads typically keep the Member List clean so that their public profile page is also reflected accurately.

Add Members outside of Funding Round

Sometimes you may need to Add a member outside of a Funding Round. This is often because you need to add someone new to the Vault before a Funding Round that you are considering to become a Singer. You can use the Add Member outside of Funding Round Proposal.

Remove Member from Member List

Sometimes you need to remove a member from the Member List. This is often because this is a Member that accidentally contributed to the Funding Round that you want to issue a refund. Once you handle the refund, you can remove them from the Member List. After a full Exit, you can remove a Member from the Member List.