What Is Member Equity?

Learn about Member Equity!
Equity is like a slice of the pie that represents how much of the Vault belongs to a particular member. The bigger the slice, the more ownership that member has.

Member Equity

When members invest in the Vault during Funding Rounds, they get a piece of the ownership pie. As the Vault's value changes over time, so does the value of each member's slice of the pie. You can see your equity percentage in the Member tab, and you can even display it on your Membership Card. This number is calculated based on your contributions during Funding Rounds and any payouts you receive when you leave the Vault. Learn About Equity Calculations here!
The Vault has two ways of showing equity, and they are related to each other:
  • Vault Equity (%): This shows how much of the Vault a member owns compared to others.
  • Vault Equity Value: This shows the value of a member's ownership stake in the Vault, based on the total value of the Vault in ETH.