Opening A Funding Round

How To Open A Funding Round

Funding Rounds are a way for squads to keep growing their membership and funding over time. They make sure everyone gets a fair share of the ownership pie, whether they're new or have been around for a while. When the team is ready to use some of that money for a mission or goal, they can open a Funding Round.
NOTE: You can only have one Funding Round going at a time.

What Are NFT Valuations

Active Vaults need to update NFT valuations before opening a funding round. NFT valuations help you figure out Vault Valuation, which you need to know to raise funds. Do this before starting a Funding Round because the valuation affects how much money you can raise and each member's share. You can update the valuation when starting a Funding Round or in an Update NFT Valuation Proposal, We are working with external platforms that can help suggest valuations based on market prices. NFT prices may not be objective, so it's important to review them manually. NFT valuations are important for fundraising, but it's up to you to decide what they're worth.
We recommend keeping your NFT valuation up to date to ensure your Vault Valuation is accurate. Once updated, your valuation will be stored and visible on the Funding Round page for current and potential members to see.