What Is A Funding Round?

Learn about Funding Rounds!
During a Funding Round, you can deposit funds into a Vault and receive ownership based on the current Vault Valuation and how much you contribute in that round.
Anyone, current or new members, can join a Funding Round.
Vault Equity is only granted by contributing during a Funding Round, so don't miss out!
Funding Rounds and Exits change the percent ownership of members in a Vault. Learn more about how these actions affect your Vault Equity by reading up on it.
Funding Rounds

Why Use Funding Rounds?

When people add more money to the Vault or wallet, we need a Funding Round to ensure everyone's ownership is represented fairly. Let's say you own an NFT that suddenly becomes super popular, causing the value of your Vault to go up. When other people want to add money to the Vault, we need to have a Funding Round and use the most recent Vault Valuation to ensure everyone's ownership is still fair. That way, no one gets left behind!

Can I Deposit Into The Vault Directly?

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Yes, you can directly deposit in the vault. However, tracking equity will become challenging. Funding Rounds make tracking ownership in a Gnosis Safe easy when people add money. Normally, it's hard to figure out who owns what. But it's automated and super simple with Funding Rounds and Lore (previously Prysm).

Funding Rounds

A Funding Round involves three primary stages:
When a Funding Round is over, the team should have new contributions, and each member should get an updated share of ownership based on what they contributed.
Only Signing Members have the power to start or finish a Funding Round. This ensures fairness and helps the team stay on track!