Raise Funds Again and Again

We created a way for communities to fundraise together with greater flexibility!
Our platform is the ultimate solution for groups looking to raise funds, issue equity, and achieve milestones while expanding their membership base and funds. You can repeat the process multiple times with the same or new members.
You are in charge of managing how you want to grow or not. We provide a flexible infrastructure for all your needs!

How To Raise Funds Again & Again

Step 1:

Open a Funding Round; you can raise in any currency, including ETH, ERC-20s, and NFTs. Once everyone has contributed, you Close the Funding Round. Learn about funding rounds here!

Step 2:

Now that the Vault is funded. We will automatically determine everyone's equity stake automagically! Learn how equity is calculated here!

Step 3:

Get ready to have some fun and put your resources to work! Buy NFTs and engage in on-chain activities with your squad. Each NFT you acquire affects your Vault Valuation, and you may come across some that are not objectively valued (not necessarily "floor"). Let the adventure begin!

Step 4:

As your group's excitement and success grow, you might want to expand your membership base and funds. But first, make sure to assess the value of your NFTs. Once you've done that, it's time to kick off another Funding Round and take your group to new heights! Let's do this!

How Communities Are Using the Funding Round Framework

Lore is helping NFT communities come together to pool their resources and tap into more opportunities. With Lore's DAO management system, many communities can easily streamline their decision-making processes and achieve their goals. This platform has transformed the way NFT enthusiasts collaborate and achieve shared objectives, making it easier than ever to participate in this exciting space.

Lore Use Cases:

〽️ @MVP69DAO building two Memeland super crews 🦉 @deadbirds_io acquiring skelly @moonbirds
@squallet_xyz backing @FWBtweets culture
@thehugxyz funding abortion access 🔺 @valhalla integrates with Lore for DAO Management MVP69DAO raised 318 ETH from 29 contributors over seven consecutive funding rounds:
MVP69DAO Funding Rounds