Raise Funds again and again

Communities needed more flexibility with fundraising together, so we built it.
We've built the best way for groups to raise funds for a goal, issue equity, and grow as you accomplish milestones by adding more members and funds. You can do this again and again from the same members or new ones.
Managing how you want to grow (or stay the same) is up to you. We focus on providing flexible infrastructure for both!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Now that everyone has funded the Vault. We will automatically determine everyone's equity stake automagically!

Step 3:

Time to have some fun. Put your resources to work. Buy NFTs, and do things on-chain with your squad. As you acquire NFTs, your Vault Valuation changes. You may be acquiring some NFTs that are subjective in value (not necessarily "floor").

Step 4:

As excitement around your group grows, you may consider adding new members and funds. Value your NFTs first -- and get going on another Funding Round!
The Funding Rounds framework has already been used by 100s of communities to raise 1000s of ETH.
@deadbirds_io acquiring skelly @moonbirds
@squallet backing @FWBtweets culture
@thehugxyz funding abortion access Deadbirds raised 163 ETH from 19 contributors over six consecutive funding rounds. See how they have grown over time below.