Membership Cards

On-chain equity tracking and portable social profile for group members.
Membership Cards will be live April 4th, 2023

Membership Cards

Membership Card Preview
Equity is issued and adjusted through the continuous Funding Rounds process as you conduct Vault Valuations and close Funding Rounds. At the end of March, we will begin printing equity on-chain with Membership Cards.

What Are Membership Cards?

Membership Cards are non-transferable ERC721s that are inspired by the soulbound standard.
  • For Members, they not only bring equity on-chain but also prints your role and different achievements on-chain.
  • For the group, there will also be a Squad Card which becomes a portable social profile for your group.

How Do I Get A Membership Card?

Members can mint Membership Cards at the end of the Funding Rounds process. After you mint your Membership Cards, equity, roles, and achievements will automatically adjust.
Groups will automatically receive a Squad Card when they close their first Funding Round.

What Can I Do With the Membership Card?

Now that you have an on-chain representation of your voting power in the group, you can use DAO tools, such as Snapshot, to set up more formal governance structures. You can also use our Discord Bot to set up Roles based on the Membership Card in your Discord and vote with it using the Weighted Polls feature.
Additionally, you can flex your squad anywhere you go! Place it at the top of your Gallery or on your OnCyber!.


Membership Cards are NFTs that cannot be transferred or sold(soulbound), which means that they can only be owned by one person at a time. This ownership allows the owner to vote on decisions made by the group.

Move your Membership Card to another wallet.

This is helpful if you want to transfer your equity stake to another wallet for whatever reason. This could be if your wallet has been compromised or you have a new one.
Private Sale of Membership.
You will be able to facilitate the sale of your membership in the group to someone else transparently.