What is the Inbox?

The Inbox is a filter in your Squad's Transaction tab that intelligently marks any transactions in your wallet that require your action.
Inbox with 4 unreconciled transactions that require action.
The Inbox exist in order for you to deal with unknown or incorrect transactions in your Squad's wallet in the most efficient way.
A few examples of transactions that can be dealt with are:
  • Incorrect deposits from your members
  • Spam NFTs
  • Airdrops
  • Non-members deposits
Learn how to clear your Inbox.
The Transactions tab in your Squad will display a badge with the number of transactions that require your attention. Any transaction that requires your attention will be marked as Unreconciled.
You can find the Inbox in your Transactions tab when it detects transactions requiring your attention.
Clicking on the Filter unreconciled button will automatically filter all your transactions for those requiring your attention.
AllUnreconciled transactions can be cleared from your inbox. After all transactions are cleared, the Inbox filter box at the top of your Transactions tab will disappear. It will re-appear once you have new Unreconciled transactions that need to be dealt with.