Clearing your Inbox

How to get to Inbox zero.
In a perfect world, you never have to clear your Inbox. Our technology would be good enough to recognize all transactions and label them perfectly automatically, so you don't have to (and we're working on it!). Until then, learn how to clear your Inbox below. 🙏🏽

Accepting contributions

Contributions that are marked as Unreconciled in the Inbox can be accepted into the Vault. You may want to accept NFT, ERC-20 or other contributions as they might be relevant Airdrops or Donations to your Vault.
At a technical level, all token contributions are stored in your wallet until they are removed. Accepting contributions is merely part of the triage and categorization system that the Inbox creates.
To accept a contribution, visit the Transactions tab and click the ... dropdown on the individual contribution card, and select Accept Contribution.
After you've accepted the contribution, the transaction card will disappear from the Inbox.

Refund false contributions

If a member contributes funds to your Vault outside of a funding round or from a false wallet, you can refund their contributions to their wallet using the refund contributions proposal.
You can refund false contributions to the sender's wallet or a different wallet.
You can initiate the refund through the Inbox via your Transactions tab by clicking the ... button on the card of the Individual Transaction you would like to refund.
You can also refund contributions by initiating a Refund Contribution proposal in your Proposal tab. Batch refunding multiple false contributions will be added to the feature set soon.
After the refund is complete, the Unreconciled Contributions will be marked as Refunded and disappear from the Inbox. A new transaction will appear in the Transactions tab, which is the refund transaction itself.

Mark contributions as spam

Many squads that acquire NFTs, particularly blue chips, suffer from receiving spam NFTs or contributions to their wallet.
Using the Deposit Inbox, you can mark NFTs as spam and remove them from your portfolio and Vault. You can also mark ERC-20 token deposits as spam deposits.
You can burn all tokens you marked as spam and remove them from your Vault using the Burn spam contributions proposal.
All Unreconciled contributions marked as spam will be removed from the Deposit Inbox and marked as Spam in your Transactions tab.