What Kind Of Groups Can Use Lore?

Lore is for any group with shared financial goals, from NFT collectors, token investors, airdrop farmers, onchain artists and more.

I Have An Existing Group, Is It Possible To Import?

Yes it's possible, you can import an existing Safe and also there's a way to upload your existing Members and their ownership stake. Open a support ticket in the Lore Discord.

Which Chains Are Supported By Lore?

Your Lore group is currently a Safe wallet only on Ethereum mainnet. By April 2024, Lore groups will have wallets across Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin and Base.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Lore


Who Can Access The Discords?

Using Vulcan or Collab.Land, one signer from your Group can access NFT gated Discords. Once you delegate a signer to obtain Discord access, you cannot change to another signer for a minimum of 2 weeks.

How Do I Get Customer Support?

We offer customer support M-F with very tight turnaround times and offer limited customer support over the weekends. Open a support ticket in the Lore Discord.

How Do Your Store Funds?

Your funds are stored in a Safe multi-signature wallet. Neither Lore nor Safe are custodians of your funds. All smart contracts and systems that support the ecosystems were thoroughly audited by third parties.

How To Send Assets To The Vault With No Equity Change?

To contribute to the vault without changing equity, send your assets outside of a Group Deposit.

This will reflect no change in the equity.

Limited liability protection and flexibility are two key benefits of forming a Delaware LLC for your Group.

Lore can help you set up a Delaware LLC with doola, starting at $297/year + state fees.

For more info or a personalized experience, visit doola.com or schedule a free consultation.

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