Ever wondered how much your Group treasure trove is worth? Vault Valuation unlocks the answer!

How Much Is Your Vault Worth? Cracking the Code on Vault Valuations

The Formula:

Imagine your Vault is a treasure chest. Its value is the sum of:

  • Shiny Coins (ETH & Tokens): Market value of your Ethereum and ERC20 tokens (easy!).

  • Priceless Artifacts (NFTs): Combined manual valuation of your unique NFTs (tricky, more below!).

Valuation: A Collaborative Effort:

  • Floor Tracking (Automatic): We automatically track the "floor price" for your NFTs - the lowest asking price on marketplaces. This provides a starting point, but remember...

  • Manual Valuation (Priceless!): You, the experts, know your NFTs best! Regularly propose adjustments to reflect their true worth, ensuring fair value for everyone's individual equity stake.

Why manual valuation for NFTs? Unlike tradable tokens, each NFT is one-of-a-kind. Your group decides its worth based on factors like rarity, utility, and your expert judgment!

Why It Matters:

  • Track the overall profit/loss and growth of the Group's assets.

  • Know your value of your Group so you can fairly issue new equity when raising funds.

  • Determine fair payouts when Members want to recieve liquidity for their equity stake.

The Valuation Challenge:

Unlike ERC-20 tokens, NFTs trade less frequently and often have unique features. This makes pinning down their exact value tricky.


  • Accurate Vault Valuation ensures fair treatment for all members.

  • Regular updates and active participation are key.

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