Exits, Payouts, Distributions

Ready to cash out, share the loot, or adjust ownership within your Group? Here's a quick guide to Equity Adjustments in Your Vault:

Need to Adjust Your Equity? We Have Options!

This page explains how you can manage your ownership within your Group, whether you're leaving entirely forever or taking a bit of money off the table. Managing exits for liquidity is easy with Lore.

Leaving the Group:

  • Full Payout: Sell your entire ownership stake and receive the equivalent value in ETH or liquid tokens.

  • Partial Payout: Sell part of your stake and keep the rest. This is useful if you still want to be involved with the Group.

Need to Make a Mass Dividend Payment?

  • Distributions: Distributions help make a payment based on everyone's equity stakes. This is really useful when you want to share gains with members based on how much of the Group they own.

Note: Distributions do not affect anyone's equity. Since everyone is receiving a payment based on their equity stake, no one's stake needs to be adjusted.

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