📥What Is A Group Deposit?

Learn about Group Deposits!

Grow Your Vault Together: Group Deposits Explained

Ready to boost your Group's funds & ownership? Dive into Group Deposits!

What it is: Imagine a potluck dinner, but for contributions to your Vault. Anyone (existing or new members) can add funds during a Group Deposit, receiving ownership based on their contribution and the current Vault value.

Why it matters: Fairness! Group Depsits ensure everyone's ownership reflects their contributions, even when the Vault's value changes (think: your NFT blows up in price).

Depositing directly? It works, but equity is not tracked and ownership gets messy. Group Depsoits = tracking your pizza dough contributions = bigger slice of ownership! New members join? More dough, bigger pizza, everyone wins!

Here's how it works:

  1. Open a Group Deposit: Admins can initiate the party!

  2. Deposit & Earn Ownership: Contribute funds and automatically get assigned a proportional share of the Vault when the round closes.

  3. Close the Round: Admins can lock it in, updating everyone's ownership based on contributions.


  • Group Deposits track ownership seamlessly.

  • Only Admins manage Rounds for fairness and control.

  • Join in, boost the Vault, and see your ownership grow!

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