Dashboard Navigation

Learn how to navigate the dashboard!
Congratulations on starting to master your dashboard! Navigating it is like a compass in a foreign land, guiding you to your destination and making sense of your surroundings. Practice will help you explore features, unlocking new insights and opportunities. Let's get to it!


The homepage is your finance hub, where you can keep track of your investments. The Portfolio tab is where you can see an overview of your finances.
All values in the Vault are measured in ETH, the default currency. If you buy NFTs using other currencies like USDC, their value will be converted to ETH to make adding up and comparing your total investments easier.
Here are the metrics that are displayed on your Homepage:

Vault Net Worth:

The Vault Net Worth shows you the combined value of your NFT portfolio and wallet balance in ETH. It updates in real time, showing how much your investments have grown or shrunk in percentage.

Cost of NFTs:

This is the total cost of all the NFTs you have bought in ETH. You can see how much you've gained or lost in percentage by dividing the current NFT floor value by the cost of all NFTs.

Wallet Balance Value:

This shows the value of all the cryptocurrencies you have in your wallet in ETH. Non-ETH currencies are converted to their ETH value.


This tab lists all Proposals in your Vault.
Proposals currently in progress are at the top, followed by all non-active proposals below.
Click "Add proposal" to see an overview of all Proposals you can add.

NFT Portfolio

The NFT portfolio value is the sum of the floor value of all NFTs in your portfolio, denominated in ETH. The floor value approximates the lowest possible value for which an NFT can be sold. However, you can probably sell your NFTs for a higher price.
View the top current assets your Vault has chosen to display, and share them with your friends and collective members by clicking "Share" or copying the Vault address.


This tab is your hub to manage all members and get information on each member. You can view the entire member list, their equity stakes in the Vault, their roles, and more. You can easily add and remove Members and modify their roles from this tab.


This tab lists all transactions that have happened in the Vault. All web3 on-chain transactions are located here.
You can reconcile any unknown or unassigned transactions using the Deposit Inbox within the Transactions tab.


This tab lists all orders of the Vault, such as bids and marketplace listings. Examples are outstanding orders to sell an NFT or outstanding bids to buy an NFT.

Funding Rounds

This tab lists all Funding Rounds and breaks them down by status. You can view the historical valuations and member equity distributions during each funding event.