Creating a Vault

Bring your squad on-chain by Creating a Vault in a few easy steps
Activating a new Vault will create a Gnosis Safe on-chain. We're a UI and ownership management layer on Safe. Our platform leverages the security of Gnosis Safe and makes it more operable and easy to use.

Create your Vault

Follow the steps below to create your vault/wallet and explore the platform.
Firstly, connect your wallet that holds the Access NFT to the platform. Click "Create Vault" and sign a one-time key in your wallet. This will load the creation UI for your squad.
Enter your squad's name, mission, and avatar, and click "Next" when completed.
You add members to the Vault after creating your Vault. This happens automatically when contributing to a Funding Round or through the Add Members proposal.
Review your squad details and funding parameters before creating your squad.
After reviewing your squad details, you can click "Create Vault" which creates your squad account. At this point, you can explore some of the product's features.
You'll notice that we nudge you to open a Funding Round to help you fund your mission and distribute % equity ownership to all members over time.
But first, you'll need to Activate your Vault/wallet.

Activate your Vault

Activating your wallet will create a Gnosis Safe on-chain and attach it to your squad. Think of the platform as an ownership tracking framework over Safe, making them multiplayer.
Activating your Vault is an important step to getting your squad started. This will allow you to fundraise from your community via a Funding Round and subsequently transact with these funds on-chain.
​Contact us if you would like to import an existing Gnosis Safe to the platform.
You can connect this wallet to any web3 apps with WalletConnect and Discord with Vulcan.
Review signing members and signer thresholds before activating your wallet.
Follow these steps to create and activate your wallet.
  • Add Signing Members: Signing Members are admins that manage the Vault. These members can add/remove members, issue proposals, and ultimately govern the funds in the wallet. This should be a group of 3-10 members.
  • Choose a Signer Threshold for your Vault: The signer threshold is the number of Signing Members that need to sign off before a transaction is made.
  • Activate your wallet on-chain: Review your details and activate your wallet on-chain. This will require a gas fee and can take a few minutes, depending on on-chain activity.
After activation, you can find your wallet address at the top of your Dashboard. All contributions via funding rounds will be sent to you at this wallet address.
You can verify that your wallet address exists by copy-pasting your wallet address to Etherscan or by visiting the Gnosis Safe app and adding an existing Safe.