Other FAQs

Commonly asked questions about Prysm and NFT Squads.

How do you store my funds?

Your funds are stored in a Gnosis SAFE multi-signature wallet. Neither Prysm nor Gnosis are custodians of your funds. All smart contracts and systems that support the Squads ecosystems were thoroughly audited by third parties.

Can I switch between Squads if I'm using the same wallet?

Yes, if you’re logged in with your wallet you can see a list of all the Squads you’re a part of on the “My Squads” dashboard, and can easily switch between them from there.

Can I swap my current wallet for a new one at any point, or is the wallet currently connected to Squads the only one I'm allowed to use?

You can add the new wallet as a new member and remove the old wallet, but everyone in your Squad will need to approve and execute the transaction since you are changing owners. In order to do this, you can click "Add Proposal" and then "Modify Members." For more on adding/removing members, check out our article here.

How can I get involved in the Prysm community?

Join our Discord here!
We're also looking for partners/collaborators, such as top NFT collectors, influencers, and investors to join our community, so if this sounds like you, or if you have ideas and want to get involved, shoot us a DM on Twitter!