Accessing Discords

Commonly asked questions about accessing Discords.

Can I access my NFT's Discord community?

Yes, a squad can delegate a single member for Discord access if the NFT Discord supports Vulcan Authentication, an alternative to Collab Land.

Who can Access Discord?

Using Vulcan, one signer from your squad can access NFT gated Discords.
Once you delegate a signer to obtain Discord access, you cannot change to another signer for a minimum of 2 weeks.

How do I Authenticate with Vulcan?

After selecting Verify Prysm enter address of the signer and squad address.
Remember the Ethereum address must be a signer. If it is not, authentication will fail.
Vulcan will return a one-time password (OTP) that is validated for a few minutes. Copy this OTP.
Login to Lore (previously Prysm) and select your squad or import an existing Vault. Authenticate with Vulcan by selecting the option menu.
Paste the password which starts with "vulcan-" into the Prysm modal.
You now have Discord access to the server!