Learn about proposals
Proposals are like suggestions made by any member of the Collective that can be executed on the blockchain. However, before they can be carried out, they need to be approved by the Signing Members. All the important decisions of the Collective, such as fundraising, buying NFTs, managing roles, distributing assets, and exiting deals, are made through these Proposals.

Proposal Types

Our proposal offers eight distinct categories of features to address all your project needs. Here's a rundown of what you can expect:
Proposal Dashboard
  • Funding Rounds: To raise funds from new and existing members, with equity managed automatically
  • NFT Proposals: For NFT transactions over popular Ethereum marketplaces
  • Role Management: To determine how the multi-signature vault operates
  • Dapp Proposals: To initiate any web3 transaction and explore web3 together
  • Community Dashboards: For easy access to exclusive events
  • Token Proposals: For ETH and wETH swaps
  • Exits & Distributions: To handle payouts during exits or distributions
  • Transfers: For easy payments, withdrawals, or refunds, transfer ETH, ERC20s, or NFTs to members.

Proposal FAQs

  1. 1.
    How do I add a proposal? To propose an NFT for your Collective to purchase, go to your Collective’s homepage and click “Add Proposal.” In this section, you can find all possible proposals live on Collectives.
  2. 2.
    How do I delete a proposal? To delete an NFT proposal, simply open the proposal page of the active proposal for the NFT and click on the three dots next to “Share Proposal”. Hit delete, sign a one-time key, and your proposal will successfully be deleted.
  3. 3.
    If I have multiple proposals in the queue, how will they be executed? Proposals are executed in increasing nonce order, so you would need to clear the existing ones first to execute a later proposal. You may need to click "Focus on the proposal" to bring a proposal to the top of the queue.