Listing NFTs

Learn how to sell NFTs with your Vault!
List NFTs on the Opensea Marketplace! Note: At the moment buys from Gem marketplaces are supported, but sells for Opensea are available. Support for other marketplaces is in progress.

Listing An NFT

How To Cancel Your Listing

Listing FAQs

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    Why Is There A Deadline For A Listing Proposal? Due to limitations on Opensea APIs you must execute a listing proposal within an hour of listing it on OpenSea. If not, the system will reject the listing. This issue has been reported to OpenSea. However, if you need more time to get signatures, you can propose and execute the order later by choosing the 3 or 12-hour options.
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    How Do I Lower the Price of an NFT?
    To decrease the listing price of an NFT, follow these steps:
    • Follow the Listing Flow
    • Select the NFT (lowering price will require gas & previous listing will remain active util expired)
    • Execute the proposal
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    How Do I Increase the Price of an NFT?
    To increase the listing price of an NFT, follow these steps:
    • Create a proposal to cancel an active order
    • Select the listing and send a proposal
    • Execute the proposal and list the NFT