Bidding On NFTs

Discover how to place bids on NFTs using your Vault.
Due to limitations with NFT markets, you can only bid on NFTs in wETH. Learn how to swap ETH for wETH here!
A smart contract compatible issue with wallets such as Gnosis Safe (Lore) exists. Collaborations and A workaround solution are underway!

Approving & Executing A Bid Proposal

Note: The duration of the bid starts once you vote on a bid proposal, and will expire at the end of the period.

Bidding FAQs

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    Why Is there A Deadline For My Bid Proposal? Due to limitations on Opensea APIs Bids on OpenSea must be executed within an hour or they will be rejected, but if an item is listed using Lore's "immediately" function and completed within an hour, it will be listed as soon as the squad executes the proposal, and if the squad needs more time to collect signatures, they can propose the order and execute it within 3 or 12 hours.
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    Can I Bid On Other Marketplaces besides Opensea? Yes, you can use marketplaces that support multi-signature wallets.
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    Are all ERC types supported? Yes, all ERC types are supported!