Use Cases

Examples of use cases we see. Our system is flexible - we're always surprised by how users invent new use cases.
Lore works well for groups with existing social ties where consensus can be reached more easily socially than trustlessly. You could be friends that met inside a digital community or IRL friends.

Communities and Sub-communities:

NFT communities, web3 social clubs, and the sub-communities that form around them. These groups range from trait-based collectives to regional or shared interest groups.
For example, Moonbirds has 30+ sub-communities like Dead Birds Society - the lounge for skeleton-trait Moonbirds. Lore is the premier place where sub-communities go from hanging out online to doing economic and/or culturally productive on-chain activity together.
Communities of all sizes use Lore to manage a treasury where they can co-own community-native or adjacent actives that express their collective lore (e.g. other Moonbirds with their specific trait, Proof collective pass). They typically have more defined mission statements and ambitious brands.
Some of our favorite communities and sub-communities:
  • Dead Birds Society started initially with 50+ members as a spinout of the Proof community, aiming to acquire skelly Moonbirds and grow their brand. Their vault on Lore has grown to over 90 members and 150ETH of assets! They've grown as their brand has through 7 Funding Rounds.
  • MVP69DAO started within the MVP community in Memeland. They've pooled resources to buy Potatoz, mint Captainz, and even Quest together.
  • FWB Squallet is FWB nft-general-chat's vault, affectionately named squallet (squad wallet). Their mission is to back emergent culture, art, and memes within the Friends with Benefits community!


These are more casual smaller groups (perhaps without formal mission statements yet) interacting online to pool funds to buy & mint NFTs and earn rewards together. Some of our favorite squads:

Pop-up groups:

Lore can also be used for one-time events such as an anticipated mint, staking your NFT, or flipping. (Almost like an SPV). You do not need to have a long-term mission but rather a shared goal.
Some of our favorite pop-ups:
  • A crossover group between CPG Club and [email protected] formed within hours to flip a CPG Genesis Pass. They yielded over 2x in 20 days. Collective oversight can lead to better investment decisions.
  • Bluebeanfam is a sub-community within Azuki that used Lore to participate in the Valhalla mint!
You can checkout our video of Squad Examples on Lore (previously Prysm) here: