Demo & Use Case

Learn how to utilize co-ownership!

Here is an Overview of Use Cases and a Product Demo

Use Cases

Here are some examples of how our system can be used. That said, we're constantly surprised by the creative new ways users use it. We've designed our system to be highly adaptable and flexible to accommodate these novel use cases.
Lore is most effective for groups of people who already know each other, as they can reach agreements more easily through social means rather than relying on trustless systems.

Collectives & Sub-Communities

NFT communities and web3 social clubs are forming sub-communities around shared interests or traits, from regional groups to trait-based collectives.
Here are some cool communities and sub-communities we love:
    • Moonbirds has multiple sub-communities, including Dead Birds Society - a gathering place for skeleton-trait Moonbirds.
    • Deadbirds goal was to raise funds to help biodiversity loss IRL. See their mission here.
    • By acquiring the skelly Moonbirds they were able to grow their brand and attract new members. They now have over 90 members and 150ETH of assets!
    • This is a Super Crew on Memeland's Ecosystem.
    • They pooled resources to buy Potatoz, mint Captainz, and Quest together. Forming crews allows them to earn better rewards and even participate in raids which are a social game dynamic.

Art Collectives

  • Hug - Scales is an art collective from The Hug community that formed to support Anna Judd, an artist within their community.
    • So far, they have acquired 49 pieces of Anna Judd’s coveted collection of Scales on Lore through co-purchasing — or as a contribution for membership into the collective.
    • They use our NFT deposits feature where members can contribute an NFT to earn an ownership stake in the collective.
    • This is FWB nft-general-chat's vault, affectionately named squallet (squad wallet).
    • They aim to back emergent culture, art, and memes within the Friends with Benefits community!


Smaller, informal groups interact online to combine funds and buy or create NFTs.
By working together, they can earn rewards and have fun as a community, even if they don't have a formal mission statement.
Some of our favorite collectives:


Kickstart an idea or movement using Lore mostly for its transparent, safe, and flexible fundraising capabilities
Here is our favorite crowdfund:
  • Abortion Access for All, led by lorr, consists of HUG members and was formed shortly after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States. Their mission is to raise funds for abortion access & reproductive rights.

Pop-Up Groups

Lore can also be used for one-time events. Think of Lore as a tool you can use for special occasions in the world of NFTs, like when you're excited about minting or staking your NFT. It's like a shortcut - you don't need a big plan, just a common objective with others.
Some of our favorite pop-ups:
  • A group from CPG Club and Black@ quickly teamed up to flip a CPG Genesis Pass and made a profit of over 2 times in just 20 days! It's proof that working together can lead to better investment decisions.
  • Bluebeanfam is a sub-community in Azuki that used Lore to join in the Valhalla mint event!