Cost & Savings


Lore is free! No fees for using the platform.
We're dedicated to creating the best product for our users, so we're not charging any fees on our platform. When it comes to on-chain transactions, collectives only need to cover the gas costs. Keep reading to discover how you can earn gas credits and enjoy gas-less transactions on us!
While Lore is free today, we're looking into monetization opportunities in the future. We will roll out our monetization model transparently and give our users enough time to prepare. Stay tuned via our Twitter and Discord.

Savings with Gas Credits

Gas credits are used for gas-less transactions on Lore. These credits are earned by users through various network activities and cannot be transferred to other users. You only pay for Ethereum gas fees for on-chain transactions, but we often cover that cost with promos. Learn how to earn gas credits for gas-less transactions on Lore here!

Earning Gas Credits

Earn gas credits on Lore in exciting ways! Join Lore's Reward Program, team up for Season 3 Partnership, or showcase your skills on the prestigious Lore Leaderboard. Discover how you can unlock gas-less transactions and reap the rewards of being a part of the Lore community.
Lore Leaderboard
We've teamed up with Proof, Friends With Benefits, Crypto Packaged Goods, Floor, HUG, Memeland, and more communities to create a special Access NFT for their token holders. Learn how to be a Season 3 partner!