Core Concepts

Let's dive deep into Core Concepts now that we've covered the basics
Lore is a co-ownership framework & application for groups to fund and achieve any mission and grow as they reach milestones.
To understand the mission or goal that motivates top groups on Lore. See the Use Cases section
The best squads on Lore start with a clear mission or goal and use it to recruit like-minded members. As the group achieves its mission, they attract new members and sets its sights on more ambitious goals.

The Squad Lifecycle

As your squad goes through its lifecycle, you must accomplish many tasks as a group.
  • Creating a Vault/wallet, getting started, and setting up a governance model with your early members
  • Raising funds from your community. You may want to raise in ETH, ERC20s, or even NFTs. Once the raise is complete, the cap table is defined, and you'll need to track ownership of the Vault/wallet.
  • Once you have funds and members, you'll consider on-chain transactions to help you accomplish your mission. Members will propose transactions and then need to vote on which ones to make and execute.
  • As you accomplish our mission, you'll want an easy way to track your holdings and fair ways to value assets like grail NFTs that can have subjective values.
  • You'll want to show off what your squad has accomplished and easily share wins pubically. This will attract new members and funds. Conversely, existing members may want to exit or get a distribution.
  • Finally, you'll refine your mission, consider another fundraise, and repeat this process.
Lore can help accomplish all of these tasks. We've developed a Co-Ownership Framework to take you through your entire Squad Lifecycle.

The Co-ownership Framework