Core Concepts

Let's dive deep into the basic of core concepts!
Lore is an app for groups to work together towards achieving their goals. The best groups have a clear mission and recruit members who share their vision. As they succeed, they attract even more people and aim for bigger things.
Check out the Use Cases section to see what drives these successful groups.

The Co-Ownership Framework

To keep your collective running smoothly, you'll need to complete several tasks together:
  • Start by creating a Vault or wallet, setting up a governance model, and recruiting early members.
  • Raise funds from your community and track ownership of your Vault once the raise is complete.
  • Use on-chain transactions to achieve your mission by proposing and voting on them as a team.
  • Track your holdings and assets, like NFTs, with fair valuation methods.
  • Share your accomplishments publicly to attract new members and funds, and consider exits or distributions for existing members.
  • Refine your mission, consider another fundraiser, and repeat the process.
Luckily, Lore has a Co-Ownership Framework to help you through the entire collective lifecycle.