Access and Costs

You can apply for personal access via our application form or contact us to acquire multiple Access NFTs for your entire web3 community.

Access via Access NFT Program for web3 communities

We have partnered with communities like Proof, Friends With Benefits, Crypto Packaged Goods, Floor, HUG, Memeland, Techie Club, [email protected], and others to give all of their respective token holders a custom Access NFT. You can see all of our partners on our list of Season II partners.
Contact us on Twitter or Discord if you want to acquire access passes for your community.

Purchase Access NFT

Access NFTs from our web3 community partnerships are listed on OpenSea. We don't take royalties.

Apply for Access

We hand out free Access NFTs via Airdrop if you meet the requirements in our application form. Please remember that we receive many applications daily, and response time might vary.
If you want to expedite the process, please reach out on Discord.


Using Lore is free! We currently take no fees for using the platform or providing Access NFTs to start and operate Squads.
We are solely focused on building the best possible product for our users. This means that we are currently not charging any fees on our platform. Also, all of our Access NFT mints are free of charge, and we don't take any royalties on secondary sales.
The only costs you will incur while using Lore are Ethereum gas fees for on-chain transactions.
It's worth noting that there are frequent, ongoing promos where Lore pays for even Ethereum gas costs.
While Lore is free today, we're looking into monetization opportunities in the future. We will roll out our monetization model transparently and give our users enough time to prepare. Stay tuned via our Twitter and Discord.